venerdì 30 maggio 2014


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Out now with MIKROTON Recording.
The Elks- This is not the ant - 
CDr second release 2017
to buy it click on the link : 


TAPE RELEASE LIMIT EDITION OUT NOW with my band: THE ELKS - (Bat English)2017
for order check the band-camp page :


 TAPE RELEASE limited copies 
!!! SOLD OUT !!!
But you can still buy the digital version on :

or still the tape at :

"I'm very much honoured to introduce you to my friend Marta Zapparoli's new tape release on idiosyncratics. Marta is a genuine sound adventurer, a wild performer and an inspired (and inspiring) human being. I'm thrilled to finally release those two beautiful pieces of radical sound experimentation. Oh and the artwork is mine btw. Feel free to show support and order her tape /digital album! Thanks for your patience Marta! "   

 Text :  by Yannick Franck 

                          Idyosincratic Record 2014: 

"Cult Berlin figure, noise diva, fierce experimentalist, cassette tape maniac, field recording adventurer , Marta Zapparoli is back with another stunning work!! ‪#‎Tape‬ ‪#‎FieldRecording‬ ‪#‎MusiqueConcrete‬ ‪#‎ChaosMagick‬"

By  Yannick Franck


 "TOWA" release : Marta Zapparoli & Julie Rousse


photo by Tom Kindermann

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